(Not) Fry Bread: The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen

Sean Sherman’s latest cookbook, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, offers recipes mixed among wisdom about sustainable living.

The Sioux Chef's Indigenous Kitchen (Sean Sherman)The book focuses on ingredients from Minnesota and Dakota territories—Dakota, Lakota, Ojibwe (Chippewa, Anishinaabe), Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara, Ho-Chunk—but its methods are relevant to indigenous cuisines throughout the world: As Sherman puts it, “the methods in this book work no matter the ingredients.” Throughout the recipes and descriptions of ingredients, Sherman includes reminiscences of his early education about Native foods—learning to hunt and gather, to behave respectfully to plants and animals to assure their continued existence. He brings readers and cooks into an awareness that a recipe involves a collaboration not only with ingredients, but with the sources of ingredients: Human nourishment intertwines with the nourishment of all beings.

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Published in: Indian Country Today
By: Peter d'Errico