Norwegian American Weekly: Myths of the Rune Stone

Review of David M. Krueger's book: "Fascinating . . . thoroughly researched . . . highly entertaining."

Myths of the Rune Stone (David M. Krueger)Did Viking missionaries traverse North America to Minnesota in the 14th century, about three centuries after Leif Erikson’s Vinland settlement and predating Columbus by some 130 years? And did they leave behind a large 200-pound rock etched with runic writing describing their journey?

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This fascinating book is thoroughly researched (48 of its 208 pages are devoted to endnotes and bibliography). It is also highly entertaining, as when Krueger tells us about the contemporary rune stone enthusiast Scott Wolter—who told History Channel audiences that the rune stone’s inscription was carved by the Knights Templar when they came to America to establish their order and hide treasure (including the Holy Grail) amassed during the Crusades. One can almost imagine Krueger’s eyes rolling as he recounts this story, telling us it should be “relegated to the genre of mythic literature rather than history.”

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Published in: Norwegian American Weekly
By: Melinda Bargreen