Northfield News on St. Olaf College professor's Cloud Cult book

Interview with Mark Allister, author of CHASING THE LIGHT.

Chasing the Light by Mark AllisterAs a professor of both English and Environmental Studies at St. Olaf College, Mark Allister first heard of the band “Cloud Cult” around seven years ago.

Some of his students suggested he should listen to the band, if not for their music, at least for their renowned ethics, something that is practically unheard of within the music industry.

Like many people who receive suggestions of bands to listen to, Allister neglected to take his student’s advice. And it was a few years after that when the band performed on the St. Olaf campus. Allister was again encouraged to take a listen. It was then that he found himself drawn into their music, their compelling back story, and more importantly, their environmental and ethical principles.

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Published in: Northfield News
By: Kevin Krein