Neighborhood Notes: Paul Metsa

TC Daily Planet reviews Paul Metsa's BLUE GUITAR HIGHWAY.

Metsa_BlueReading the words of Paul Metsa as recorded in his memoir, Blue Guitar Highways, is a walk through the several decades of the local music scene with all of his and its connections with the ages and stages of American music writ large.

An Iron Ranger by birth Metsa, now a Northeast Minneapolis resident, will be sharing his stories with his neighbors and fans on Saturday, December 10, 1:00 p.m. at the Northeast Library, 2200 Central Avenue NE. The special chance to meet and hear the legendary Metsa is sponsored by Hennepin County Library in conjunction with the Friends of the Northeast Library.

Metsa is not only known by just about everybody – he knows just about everybody. No less an authority than Minnesota Law and Politics reports that “Metsa is a hodge-podge of people, a melting pot of different characters and performers. He’s a songwriter, a folk singer, a blues singer, a guitarist, a social activist, a Finn, a storyteller, a comedian, a philosopher, and a conspiracy theorist.”

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Published in: TC Daily Planet
By: Mary Treacy