MSP Magazine: Life Lessons With a Side of Nordic Folklore

'Seven Ways to Trick a Troll': The locally written children’s book set in the mountains of Norway may be what we all need in troubling times.

Lunge-Larsen_Seven coverHow can a clever, courageous child beat a terrifying troll? Well, by tricking him, of course. It’s not so hard. After all, a troll’s brain is smaller than even the tiniest child’s fist, and children are smart and brave in nature. They just need a few techniques up their sleeves.

That’s where Lise Lunge-Larsen comes in.

The Duluth-based children’s book author’s newest tale, Seven Ways to Trick a Troll, gives kids the toolkit to beat even the biggest, scariest trolls.

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Published in: MSP Magazine's The Fam blog
By: Madison Bloomquist