MPR's Appetites: Cranberries, chestnuts for your holiday table

Beth Dooley, author of MINNESOTA'S BOUNTY, offers holiday recipes with a twist.

Dooley_Minnesotas coverAs we are right now in the heart of the holiday season, we've got a little twist on tradition for your holiday table.

Beth Dooley, author of "Minnesota's Bounty: The Farmers Market Cookbook" and contributor to MPR News' Appetites, has two truly American treats that are also sure signs of holiday eating.

TOM CRANN: Firstly, cranberries. While many may think they've already gotten their annual dose of cranberries on Thanksgiving, you argue that they should be popular right through the holidays.

BETH DOOLEY: They should be, because they're local, they're fresh, and there are a lot of them. Farmers have had a very good year, so you'll be able to find fresh cranberries right into the first of the year. And, they're fabulous.

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By: Tom Crann