MPR: Minn. songwriter Paul Metsa dusts off 'Jack Ruby' for JFK anniversary

The author of Blue Guitar Highway releases a new video for his song 'Jack Ruby.'

Metsa_BlueST. PAUL, Minn. — Paul Metsa was an eight-year-old growing up on the Iron Range when President John F. Kennedy was killed in November, 1963.

Metsa remembers sitting with his parents, riveted by the live TV coverage, as they watched authorities transfer suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald from the Dallas police station jail to a maximum security prison.

"And then boom, all of a sudden it happened," he recalled. "Jack Ruby appears and shoots Lee Harvey Oswald.

"It was the first time in my life, as a young white middle class American, where I really felt the presence of evil."

Read—and listen to the interview—here.

Published in: Minnesota Public Radio
By: Chris Roberts