MPR: In Minnesota, 'the cabin' is both a place and a state of mind

Review of Sarah Stonich's VACATIONLAND on the Daily Circuit.

Stonich_Vacationland coverAuthor Sarah Stonich has written repeatedly about the cabin experience in northern Minnesota. Her latest book, "Vacationland," continues the tradition.

And with the weather putting a damper on the cabin experience this year, reading about it may be as close as many of us get.

"I don't think it's specifically a Midwestern experience," Stonich said Monday on The Daily Circuit. "There's a Vacationland everywhere you go. Here, we just happen to have this cabin culture that's so engrained. It would be odd to meet a child, when I was in grade school, that did not have a family cabin. So you didn't see your friends too much in the summer, that was for sure."

Listen here.

Published in: Minnesota Public Radio
By: The Daily Circuit