MPR: Drunken chaos, pointless destruction, great music: The Replacements roadie talks

By Jim Bickal

Sullivan_Lemon cover"On the road," says Bill Sullivan, "somebody was always looking at your stuff and wanted to steal it."

That might have been the single constant in an otherwise rollicking, unpredictable life on the road with The Replacements, one of rock's most notorious bands in the 1980s.

Sullivan saw it all and participated in a lot of it as the Minnesota-based band's roadie. Now, he's written some of it down in a new book, "Lemon Jail: On the Road with The Replacements."

He decided to write his own book after turning down interviews with other authors. Sullivan said he wanted to see if he could write a book himself — and maybe make a few thousand bucks.

The book offers an inside perspective on the drunken chaos, pointless destruction and great music that The Replacements created. Even diehard fans may learn a few things from Sullivan's stories about how The Replacements rolled.

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