MPR: Compared to Minnesota, babies in Norway are a bargain

Eric Dregni, author of VIKINGS IN THE ATTIC, discusses Norway's health care system on MPR.

Dregni_Cod coverTen months ago, my wife gave birth to a baby here in Minnesota. It was very different from our experiences eight years ago, when she gave birth to our first baby in Trondheim, Norway.

At that time, I was a student on a Fulbright Fellowship. Before we left for Norway, we checked out how we'd pay for the birth.

The health care coverage for Fulbright is administered through the State Department, the same system that covers our senators and representatives. You've probably heard that this is the "best health care coverage in the world," but I checked the small print. It said, "Pregnancy is a pre-existing condition" and not covered under the plan, as if it's some sort of disease.

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Published in: Minnesota Public Radio