MinnPost: Inspired cooking on trip around Lake Superior

An interview with James Norton, author of LAKE SUPERIOR FLAVORS.

Norton_Lake coverIt goes without saying that when James Norton goes on a road trip, food is the highlight of the whole adventure. The editor of The Heavy Table has made it his mission to seek out food that goes beyond mere sustenance to tell a story about the people who made it or the place where it’s made. So when he and his wife, photographer Becca Dilley, took the Circle Tour around the entire shore of Lake Superior, he knew they’d find some memorable meals. But he didn’t realize he’d find so many people doing inspired things with food that he wouldn’t be able to fit them all into his latest book,“Lake Superior Flavors: A Field Guide to Food and Drink Along the Circle Tour” (University of Minnesota Press).

“The food scene has been going bonkers in the last five years. It’s happening everywhere, to differing degrees, and seems to be driven by two things: the radical thinking about food, such as Michael Pollan; the slow food movement; that whole earnest activist approach. But also by the Food Network, shows like “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” he said. “People are realizing that eating out doesn’t have to mean fast food or chain food. There’s a good chance that wherever they live, someone is doing something really interesting or really good at a unique place that says something about where they live.”

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Published in: MinnPost
By: Amy Goetzman