MinnPost: 'Got to Be Something Here' begins and ends with Prince

By Pamela Espeland

Swensson_Got coverThat Andrea Swensson’s first book starts in the year of Prince’s birth and ends in a visit with Prince at Paisley Park is not surprising. A music journalist, host of the Current’s “Local Show” and contributor to the Local Current Blog (and former music editor at City Pages, where she founded Gimme Noise), Swensson is a longtime Prince fan and student of his music and his life. When he died in April 2016, she was a primary online and on-air source of information. She shared her knowledge and her grief with the rest of us.

What’s surprising about “Got to Be Something Here: The Rise of the Minneapolis Sound,” just out from the University of Minnesota Press, is how much farther and deeper it goes, how richly detailed it is, how it captures a past at risk of fading away.

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