Minnesota Daily: Resurrecting a City's Lost Castles

By Joe Kleinschmidt
Minnesota Daily

Millett_Once coverMansions weren’t always a staple of Disney theme parks or hideouts for Hollywood celebrities — they were visible landmarks within cities. Skyscrapers and commercial buildings now stand over the graves of hundreds of 19th- and 20th-century mansions in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Exceedingly impractical yet undeniably spectacular, the mansions of Larry Millett’s new book “Once There Were Castles,” illustrate a vastly different era of wealth. As historian and architecture expert, Millett tours another era’s vanished relics.

The lost Twin Cities mansions displayed prosperity and grandeur with lavish décor and sprawling lawns. Millett’s new book skillfully peers inside windows of bygone houses to record the narrative of lives long forgotten.

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