Minneapolis Book Examiner: Once There Were Castles

The Minneapolis Book Examiner reviews Larry Millett's ONCE THERE WERE CASTLES.

Millett_Once coverIf you’ve ever driven down Summit Avenue and picked out a dream house, or indeed driven down any avenue and wondered about how a fine house came to be, or the people that lived in it, then this is the book for you.

Once There Were Castles details the lives of many of the finest homes that ever existed in the Twin Cities. Many of them are gone now, but through this lovely oversized book’s many photos, you can picture where they once stood, and consider how many of the locations look today. The book covers ninety lost mansions of the Twin Cities, organized by city and neighborhoods. It's a book of dreams, and with a comfy spot on the couch, any reader can spend many hours sharing those dreams.

Published in: Minneapolis Book Examiner
By: Linda White

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