LOTL: Kelly Cogswell's memoir is a thoroughly readable and rollicking ride

EATING FIRE is a "thoroughly readable and rollicking ride through her life as an activist and original Lesbian Avenger."

Cogswell_Eating coverThis is a book about fire eating lesbians out to settle a score with mainstream society determined to maintain the status quo of lesbian invisibility – it is every bit as intense as it seems! Yet Cogswell’s memoir is also eminently readable as she takes us, oftentimes at breakneck speed, through the rise and fall of the Lesbian Avengers and her subsequent lesbian activism in both the USA and France. 

Eating Fire is more than one woman’s personal story, and it’s more than a socio-political volume highlighting the struggle of the LGBTI community to not only be accepted, but simply to be seen. It falls somewhere in between. The actions of this group of New York lesbian activists could be regarded as Stonewall v2.0, and Cogswell was there from Day One. Read the full article.

Published in: LOTL (Lesbians on the Loose)
By: Sanya Franich