Leonardo: Zombie Theory

By Brian Reffin Smith

Zombie Theory (Sarah Juliet Lauro, editor)I have always thought that thinking about zombies in popular culture - the zombie movies and video games, the meaning of the zombie narrative - was a sideshow, the B-movie to the grown-up, art-house docu-drama, the tractatus zombi-philosophicus of consciousness studies, quantum physics and speculative cognition. It was epistemology as existential thriller and none the worse for that. But now, like a bull-dozer in the night, slamming sideways into the peaceful study of the philosophical zombie, comes this book, a vast collection of interdisciplinary zombie scholarship covering just about everything on zombies in the arts, society, politics, philosophy, forms of alienation and colonisation, and every aspect of the human condition. I now see that there is no way we can approach the refined questions of consciousness, artificial intelligence, free will or indeed life, the universe and everything proper to a well-found zombie-theoretical ouvroir or workshop, without considering what we bring to these enquiries from zombie culture. 

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