Leonardo Reviews: Philosophy of Language

Amazingly enough, even in this early work, from 1965, we are finding rhizomes of his latter theories fully connected to contemporary digital discourse, as for example his definition of metaphysics; "there must be a computer that is the computer of all computers" (p. 62/3).

Philosophy of Language (Flusser)The Philosophy of Language is indeed the philosophical account of the world through language. From at the beginning Flusser profiles the thesis by the claim "everything that is not linguistic, is absurd" (p. 10), introducing philosophy of language as the theory of knowledge itself. Language is prior to experience, he claims.

Grounding philosophy in language, Flusser's main interest falls in proper names, sentences, but also partially to predicate calculus. In theory of proper names Flusser defends the position of nominalism, which he sees as necessary when capturing philosophy through language. Proper names pre-exist any particular experience, as they are the source of language.

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Published in: Leonardo Reviews
By: Dr. Ana Peraica