Leonardo Reviews: Avant-Garde Museology

"Represents a missing compendium to the movements that are recognisable as the outputs of the Russian revolution, such as constructivism and social realism, and to the dominating narrative of the museum as a Western modernist enterprise."

Avant-Garde Museology (Arseny Zhilyaev)What stands out from the anthology are the various lived experiments in curation and exhibition such as the first World Exhibition of Interplanetary Spacecrafts and MechanismsThe Catherine the Great Exhibition at the Voronezh Regional MuseumAn Experiment in Marxist Exhibition-Making at the State Tretyakov gallery or the experience of developing mobile exhibitions and the Museums of the Revolution. Avant-garde museology, it transpires, reflects the editor's belief that in appraising these documents, the Soviet museum like conceptualist art not only seeks to go beyond medium specificity but also transcend institutional boundaries to examine the material conditions that underline how we see and experience art.

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Published in: Leonardo Reviews
By: Amanda Egbe