Lavender Magazine: Gay, Inc.

By E.B. Boatner
Lavender Magazine

Gay, Inc. (Myrl Beam)Author Beam questions, through personal experience within the nonprofit system, how the nonprofits’ expansion and proliferation has both helped and hindered the GLBT cause. Does the system itself aggravate the very inequalities that activists work to eliminate? Was the narrow focus on GLBT marriage more relevant to affluent gays? Should that focus now be broadened in the face of increasing pressure to regulate and police gender and sexuality? Together with research and interviews, Beam presents four case studies, in Chicago and in Minneapolis. The rise and demise of District 202 in Minneapolis questions whether the nonprofit infrastructure is truly benign. A thought-provoking work that leads to no easy solutions while raising many questions about wealth and privilege within the GLBT community itself. Consider the subtitle.

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