Laura Erickson to pen regular column about attracting birds for BirdWatching

Laura Erickson, author of TWELVE OWLS, will begin writing for the magazine for its February 2012 issue.

Erickson_Twelve coverI encourage you to pick up a copy of our February 2012 issue when it appears on newsstands in early January.

The issue has a wonderful photo of a Black-capped Chickadee on the cover (taken by Robert McCaw), and its pages are simply jam-packed with good stuff.

It has a fascinating feature about the Golden Eagles living and migrating in the eastern half of the continent... an eye-opening profile of the introduced and well-established Eurasian Tree Sparrow... and an article (by me) about a superb place to watch migrating hawks not in fall, but in the spring -- Michigan's Brockway Mountain.

Just as exciting, the February issue will be the first to carry a column by our newest contributing editor, Laura Erickson (right).

The column, called "Attracting Birds," will appear in every issue. In it, Laura will describe simple, effective steps you can take right away to attract, feed, shelter, and understand the birds in your yard. In her debut column, she tells how you can help chickadees, redpolls, nuthatches, woodpeckers, and other birds survive even the coldest winter weather.


Published in: BirdWatching Magazine
By: Chuck Hagner