Lambda Literary: Isherwood in Transit

Mention of Isherwood in Transit edited by James J. Berg and Chris Freeman

New perspectives on Christopher Isherwood as a searching and transnational writerPride Month has always contained multitudes; Stonewall was a riot born from a party. A testament to resistance to structural and culturally injustice toward LGBTQ communities, Pride has been defined by the tension between celebration and resistance. Its continued legacy is one of political action, rage, and communal joy.

The beginning of this year’s Pride Month has wrought more rage than joy. Among the inequities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the horrific violence perpetrated against the trans community, and the continued systemic violence against Black people, the need for informed commentary, deep empathy, and protest has taken on an even starker urgency.

I am heartened to see a cadre of new LGBTQ books that are offering readers necessary historical perspective, righteous anger, and much needed humanity. Let this month’s LGBTQ reading list be both a balm and a call to action.


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