LA Review of Books - Hathologies: An Interview with Mark Dery

Michael Goetzman interviews the author of I MUST NOT THINK BAD THOUGHTS.

Dery_Bad coverWe meet in the home office of Editor-in-Chief Tom Lutz, where Dery asks for coffee, “black as night.” His sheened black hair is combed back, and he’s dressed in his trademark attire — a black suit and, underneath, a dark striped shirt. The subject of fashion, incidentally, is where our conversation begins.

Mark Dery: There’s a short dissertation to be written about the fashion failures of writers these days. For instance, every time I see a photo of David Foster Wallace wearing that bandana on his head, it makes my inner Don Draper cringe. What kind of age do we live in where our best writers dress like Little Steven from the E Street Band?

Mike Goetzman: DFW had some justification for the bandana though, no? He was a profuse sweater, and it was a more reasonable alternative to carrying around a towel.

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Published in: Los Angeles Review of Books
By: Michael Goetzman