Kick off Gay Pride Month with these 5 books

By Star-Ledger Entertainment Desk

stone_gay coverAmy L. Stone, who teaches sociology at San Antonio’s Trinity University, offers a timely view of how ballot measure campaigns allow anti-gay politicos to place civil rights up for popular vote. Since 1974, there have been more than 200 U. S. anti-gay ballot initiatives, and Stone explains that the “approach of the LGBT movement for the past 30 years has been to respond to legislation initiated by the right by taking a largely defensive position, with few victories.” This methodical compendium presents a clear-cut weighing of issues that still inflame certain sections of the electorate. Not underestimating the enemy is essential, and Stone observes the “constant tactical innovation of the anti-gay right ... Instead of pursuing its own agenda to achieve legislative or public policy advances, the LGBT movement has continually found itself spending time, money and energy organizing local communities to defeat referendums and initiatives, and many of these campaigns do little to advance gay rights.” A sobering picture.

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