Kenosha News: ‘November’s Fury’ tells story of 1913 freshwater hurricane

Interview with author Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher_Novembers coverA Kenosha writer has returned to his roots in his latest book about a freshwater hurricane that hit the Great Lakes in 1913.

“November’s Fury” tells the story of the four-day storm, consider the worst ever on the lakes.

“The lakes have never seen anything like it before or since,” said autheroMichael Schumacher.

The storm claimed 12 boats and severely damaged or destroyed dozens of others. It took the lives of more than 250 sailors, making it the deadliest in Great Lakes maritime history, Schumacher said.

The “freak” hurricane is something the weather bureau could not have predicted at the time. All they could do was try to keep up with it.

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Published in: Kenosha News
By: Jessica Tuttle