Kale will save the world, and other surprising assertions

By Lu Lippold
Twin Cities Daily Planet

Dooley_NorthernLL: I’m sorry, did you just use the words “fun” and “cooking” in the same sentence?

Beth: Yes! Understanding where your food comes from, getting to know the farmers who grow it, and then cooking with wonderful local ingredients-- that’s fun, right? A regional food system is based on how food tastes, not how well it will ship across the country. Eating delicious food is fun.

LL: So are you a purist? You only eat things that grow around here?

Beth: This is not about being a food Nazi. I’m not going to say I’ll never eat a Snickers bar. It’s about the education of the palate. Our culture is so far removed from our senses, we live in our heads and forget to notice our actual appetites. Americans’ relationship with food is pretty screwed up, actually.

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