Ian Bogost featured in Forbes

Forbes magazine interviews Ian Bogost about his new book HOW TO DO THINGS WITH VIDEOGAMES.

Bogost_HowDavid Ewalt: A lot of people believe videogames haven’t realized their proper place in art and culture. Is that a symptom of ignorance, that not enough people have seen good games?

Ian Bogost: It’s really funny –so many people, when you talk to them about games, say “I don’t play games. I’m not interested in games.” But of course they play games. They play solitaire on their computer, or they play FarmVille, or they play (Activision Blizzard’s) Guitar Hero, or whatever. It’s almost like we don’t know how to recognize games for things other than entertainment. And when we do recognize them outside of that, it is usually in very, very specific business or organizational contexts, which ordinary people may not think about. So that blind spot is there, in spite of the fact that people are actually playing games. They’re just not counting them as videogames.

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Published in: Forbes
By: David Ewalt