Hunting Season: Revealing the Threat in Only the Dead

Review of the second book in Vidar Sundstol's Minnesota Trilogy series.

Only The Dead by Vidar SundstolMaybe you have to live in a place like Vermont -- or Minnesota, or Wyoming, or even Oregon or Alaska, maybe Maine ... a few more -- to grasp the powerful mix of emotions and motives in play during hunting season. Because I live among hunters and the hunted, I found Vidar Sundstøl's newest translated title, ONLY THE DEAD, entirely compelling, engrossing, and so grimly effective that it silenced me for hours afterward (not counting sleep time). It may be the most powerful work of suspense I've ever read. And oddly, strangely, marvelously, it's published by the University of Minnesota Press.

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Published in: Kingdom Books
By: Beth Kanell