How the Renowned Liar Fritz Lang Became One of the Most Truthful Filmmakers

Popmatters reviews Patrick McGilligan's book "Fritz Lang: The Nature of the Beast."

Fritz Lang: The Nature of the BeastPatrick McGilligan's biography of iconic German director Fritz Lang seems to have been founded on the idea of disproving a quote attributed to the visionary filmmaker: "My private life has nothing to do with my films," he once said, and McGilligan traveled actross continuents and looked back in time to prove that Lang was not being quite truthful. Mostly known for his epic science-fiction extravaganza Metropolis (released in 1927), Lang became one of the most influential filmmakers in history, despite having lived a controversial life that included the very mysterious death of his first wife, an affiliation with the Nazis despite being a Jew himself, and a strange Hollywood career that might've just denied us of his pure genius.

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Published in: Popmatters
By: Jose Solis