How Do You Like It So Far?: The Metabolist Imagination

Interview with William O. Gardner, author of The Metabolist Imagination

Japan’s postwar urban imagination through the Metabolism architecture movement and visionary science fiction authors

Oh, do we have a special episode for you How Do You Like it So Far? fans!  This week, Colin and Henry discuss communities and their presence in digital and physical spaces and use old How Do You Like it So Far? episodes as talking points!  We made our very own podcast clip show!   Henry and Colin were intrigued over conversation opened up by Howard Rheingold an Patricia G. Lange on virtual communities.  Through this springboard, they relate their own personal accounts of fandom and digital spaces that translate to the physical world. They dive deep into the potential for people to band together through virtual communities and the instant connections formed through the digital realm.  They discuss communities through online dating, fandom and even reality TV!

Listen to the whole interview.