Hot & Sweet Carrot Relish Freezer Preserves from Savory Sweet

Make delicious hot and sweet carrot relish and keep in your freezer to bring a burst of flavor to so many dishes – grilled or roasted chicken, cured meats, salads, or topping crackers.

Dooley_Savory coverAll the recipes in Savory Sweet: Simple Preserves from a Northern Kitchen are freezer or refrigerated small batch preserves, making it simple to do in an hour here or there with your garden or farmer’s market produce. The recipes are divided into sections under Vegetables (Roasted Beet & Tomato Relish, Harrisa Dip), Fruits (Blackberry Preserves with Lime & Candied Ginger, Elderberry Apple Butter), and Seasonings (Honey Mustard, Ginger Syrup).

I already have four recipes tagged that I want to try – a spicy corn and cabbage relish, pepper ketchup, chipotle tomatillo salsa, and this flavor packed carrot relish that I asked to republish for you here. I thought this would be a fun relish to share because I can see it going with so many things (and the authors give some great serving options too – as they do for all of the recipes in the book), carrots are easy to come by, and it’s so simple to make.

Full article and recipe here.

Published in: An Oregon Cottage blog
By: Jami Boys