Holiday books roundup

Star Tribune features several UMP books in its regional holiday books roundup section.


by Rick Shefchik (University of Minnesota Press, $39.95)

The history, the geography, the building, the playing -- everything you want to know about the golf courses of Minnesota. Lavishly illustrated.

glischinski_minnesota coverMINNESOTA RAILROADS: A PHOTOGRAPHIC HISTORY, 1940-2012

by Steve Glischinski. (University of Minnesota Press, $39.95)

A history of trains, train stations and train transportation, with historical photos that will make you nostalgic for the good old days of rail travel.

Sullivan_Thirty coverTHIRTY ROOMS TO HIDE IN

by Luke Longstreet Sullivan (University of Minnesota Press, $24.95)

The blackly humorous memoir of a young man who grew up in Rochester with his alcoholic, abusive father, a noted surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

Diffley_Turn coverTURN HERE SWEET CORN

by Atina Diffley (University of Minnesota Press, $24.95)

The life -- and battles -- of a dedicated organic farmer near the Twin Cities. A wonderful read.


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Published in: Star Tribune
By: Laurie Hertzel