History Theatre releases info about "Coco's Diary"

The History Theatre (Minnesota) is releasing a play based on THROUGH NO FAULT OF MY OWN (Coco Irvine) in March 2012.

Irvine_Through cover1927. The trials and tribulations of a 13-year-old girl never seem to change: sibling rivalry, boys, school dances, boys, homework, and... boys! Young Clotilde “Coco” Irvine, is the daughter of a lumber baron living in a fashionable Summit Avenue mansion in 1927. For her birthday she is given a diary in which she faithfully chronicles the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that is her thirteenth year of life. Coco’s Diary leads audiences on a winsome romp alongside our smart, adventurous, mischievous heroine surrounded by the beguiling music of the 1920s. It is charming, funny and delightful entertainment for the entire family.

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