Great Lakes writer tackles tale of survival 50 years after Lake Huron shipwreck

Torn in Two (Michael Schumacher)“Every one of my shipwreck books seems to have a theme,” Schumacher said. “TheMighty Fitz is like a mystery. My second book Wreck of the Carl D. is a book about a city, this little tiny town in Michigan, and how it was impacted by the loss of this huge carrier. The third book is about a storm, a hurricane that hit the Great Lakes.

“And now this book is about a survivor, and there’s something a little bit different about each one that attracted me to each story.

“It’s just an incredible story about one man’s ability to survive in conditions that had killed everyone else.”

That man is Dennis Hale, a sailor who survives the shipwreck, survives on a raft in the middle of a November storm wearing only a coat and boxer shorts and survives deep guilt as the only person to make it out of the wreck alive.

The reader will learn the price you pay for living instead of dying, Schumacher said.


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Published in: Great Lakes Echo
By: Natasha Blakely