Great Lakes Echo: Wilderness guide turns storytelling skills to memoir

By Kate Habrel
Great Lakes Echo

Wood_Deep coverIf you’ve ever hiked in a deep forest, paddled a wide lake or walked beside a rushing stream, you already know the places Douglas Wood describes in his memoir, “Deep Woods, Wild Waters.”

He describes these places with all the vivid sounds, sights and smells of the wilderness:

“The morning air was still, hung with tattered rags of mist. From time to time some imperceptible breath would stir and the veils would flutter and dance, scudding like ghosts across the stream. The only sounds were the dip and gurgle of our paddles, in rhythmic repetition, accompanied by bird songs…”

This story called “Turtle Stories,” and many more, describe everything from Wood’s time as a wilderness guide in Minnesota to how he shows his children and grandchildren the wonder of the outdoors.

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