Great food has rich history at Spoonriver (St. Paul) interviews Brenda Langton, author of The Spoonriver Cookbook, and offers some choice recipes, including hers for Ginger Squash Soup.

Langton_Spoonriver coverA reader of cookbooks cannot page through "The Spoonriver Cookbook" without learning about dishes made with fresh foods, the Spoonriver Restaurant, the Mill City Farmers Market (MCFM) and the dynamic woman behind it all, Brenda Langton.

They are all intertwined.

The University of Minnesota Press recently published the cookbook, which is filled with nutritious recipes supported by beautiful photos of the food. Just turning pages of the book makes the reader want to eat foods that promote health, all inspired by the instructions and personal tips Langton and coauthor Margaret Stuart include with each recipe.

Langton has been researching the material for "The Spoonriver Cookbook" through her 30-plus years in the food industry. Langton's career began at age 15 with her first job in a restaurant, and she continues to be self-taught. "I loved it, and there was never a dull moment," she recalls. The work gave her a chance to be creative and nourish the community.

Read the full article and get Langton's recipes for Ginger Squash Soup, Commonplace Veggie Burgers, and Vegetable Stock.

Published in: Lillie Suburban Newspapers
By: Vonny Rohloff