Granola Glitterati

Minnesota Monthly looks inside the hippie chic world of whole-foods pioneer Brenda Langton, author of THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK.

Langton_Spoonriver coverIs Brenda Langton a hippie?

The veggie burgers would seem to suggest so. Three plump, beige patties sizzle in a cast-iron skillet, nudged along with a spatula wielded by Langton’s husband, Timothy Kane, who this evening is dressed head to toe in poet’s black.

Langton has the night off from Spoonriver, her boxcar-narrow, mod-chic restaurant adjacent to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis. Health-minded theatergoers are probably packing the place right now, noshing on pre-curtain pistachio terrine. But here in her own Minneapolis home, an open-plan living space overlooking Cedar Lake, Langton’s having a drink. She drops a shot of yuzu juice into a blond beer.

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Published in: Minnesota Monthly
By: Gregory J. Scott