Golf in Minnesota: Interesting facts from Rick Shefchik

TC Daily Planet offers great tidbits from Rick Shefchik's FROM FIELDS TO FAIRWAYS.

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As a battle-worn veteran of four years on the worst golf team in Minnesota, I was pleased to open a package from the University of Minnesota Press and find a copy of Rick Shefchik's new tome From Fields to Fairways: Classic Golf Clubs of Minnesota. Here are a few of the fun (and not-so-fun) facts about golf in Minnesota that I picked up from Shefchik's book, which will be an eye-opening, entertaining read for any Gopher State golf buff. Shefchik will be presenting the book at a release event on April 14 at Theodore Wirth Golf Club.

• Though many country clubs around the country have historically restricted membership and participation by women, women have always been well-represented among Minnesota golfers.

• The first golf course in St. Paul was the Town & Country Club; the first course in Minneapolis was Bryn Mawr.

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Published in: Twin Cities Daily Planet
By: Jay Gabler