Globally Aware: Learning About Food Issues from Another Hemisphere

Jenny Breen, author of COOKING UP THE GOOD LIFE, writes about a year of living in Argentina.

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Not surprisingly, in these communities that sit above 3,800 meters, growing conditions are tough, and the weather can be brutal. The local people were subsisting almost exclusively on potatoes. In addition to poor physical health and malnutrition, many families also struggled with domestic violence and other social issues tied to poverty.

Sonia and Rita devised a plan. They gathered together the women of the communities and, with Rita acting as an interpreter, the women were able to openly discuss their issues, concerns, fears, and needs. Every woman in the conversation was most concerned for the health and well being of the community’s children. Like many of the activists in our own community, Sonia and Rita recognized that empowering these communities through helping them to grow and cook food would be the best foundation they could help to lay for the health of future generations.

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Published in: Simple, Good and Tasty
By: Jenny Breen