GLBT Reviews: The Wedding Heard 'Round the World

This book is recommended for all LGBT-related and general history collections.

The Wedding Heard 'Round the World (Michael McConnell and Jack Baker)When I was an undergraduate at St. Paul, Minnesota’s Hamline University in the early 1970s, I attended a campus lecture featuring two rather notorious speakers: Jack Baker and Mike McConnell, who had recently married each other. At that point, they may have been the first self-declared homosexuals I’d ever seen up close and personal. Had I known what the ensuing decades would bring for all of us, I would have better appreciated being in the presence of living history that night.

McConnell has now shared their story, an especially timely one in light of 2015’s momentous Supreme Court ruling. On September 3, 1971, he and Baker exchanged vows, legally, in Minneapolis. Their road to that moment was long, winding, and eventful.

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Published in: GLBT Reviews
By: Cathy Ritchie