GLBT Reviews: So Much to Be Done

By Cathy Ritchie
GLBT Reviews

Brenner_So coverDuring her 61 years, the late Barbara Brenner (1951-2013) was a lawyer, civil rights activist, and health care crusader, leading the San Francisco-based grassroots organization Breast Cancer Action (BCA) for over 10 years, following her own early-40s experience with breast cancer. After retiring from BCA, Brenner was diagnosed with ALS in 2011, and died two years later.

Brenner was also a superb writer, and this collection showcases some of her best efforts, including pieces from the BCA’s newsletter and from her own later blog, “Healthy Barbs,” focusing on her years living with ALS. The articles collected here begin in 1996 and offer an interesting historical perspective on issues surrounding health care in general and breast cancer in particular.

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