Friday food: Sauteed Walleye in a Poppy Seed-Cornmeal Crust

Review of THE SPOONRIVER COOKBOOK by Brenda Langton in Flyover Land blog.

Langton_Spoonriver coverThis Friday food comes to us courtesy of the University of Minnesota Press. The Spoonriver Cookbook, named after the restaurant in Minneapolis, is the creation of the restaurant's owner, Brenda Langton. She's a long-time fixture in the Twin Cities food scene, having previously owned Cafe Brenda and now Spoonriver, and she is the founder of the Mill City Farmers Market. So it comes as no surprise that many of these recipes seem to have their roots in a farmers market, with emphasis on fresh produce and best-of-the-season.

There's also an emphasis on healthy foods, but the primary target is flavor (because let's face it, who among us likes to eat food that may be good for us but is deadly dull?). And while Langton is well known for her vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and many of these recipes are vegetarian (and vegan), omnivores will find plenty of appealing choices as well. The Black Bean Soup minus the garnish of sour cream or the Baby Lima Beans with Polenta minus the garnish of Parmesan would both be vegan, or you can indulge your carnivorous side with the Lamb Spoonburger or the Mediterranean Chicken Kebabs. Below you'll find a recipe for walleye which I made recently, and even my husband, who only eats fish for health reasons and not-so-secretly wishes I'd stop making it, grudgingly admitted that he liked it and would willingly eat it again.

Get the recipe here.

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