ForeWord reviews The Face of America

By Penny Hastings

Ten-year-old Sasha, whose Russian immigrant mother cleans offices, routinely comes home from school to an empty, triple-locked apartment. On the day before her project about the Brooklyn Bridge is due, Sasha discovers she doesn't have anything to write with. Despite her mother's stern rules, Sasha ventures to other apartments in her Manhattan building in search of a pen. For the first time, she encounters her neighbors, many of whom are also from different places around the world. By the end of the play, Brooklyn Bridge, Sasha has found a pen and finished her paper, and, more importantly, has forged connections and created a community within her building.

Editors Elissa Adams and Peter Brosius are directors with the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis. In this anthology, they present four plays to capture the reality of young people's lives today. Each of the four playwrights speaks to young people in a theatrical language that is fresh, surprising, and endlessly inventive.

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