Five Compelling Reasons to Support and Commit to Organic Farmers

Atina Diffley writes in Spirituality & Health about the virtues of supporting organic eating and farming.

Diffley_Turn coverFood was once relatively uncomplicated. All life on the planet needs it; all species eat. We all come from the same earth; our bodies consist of the same minerals and elements as the plants and birds and insects. Soil also teems with life, and it too must be fed or it will die. And yes, it consists of the same minerals and elements as we do — and we are utterly dependent on the microbial life in it. We also are utterly dependent on complex ecosystems and biological diversity. This is as true for the gardener and farmer as it is for those who live in a world of man-made structures and concrete streets. Every one of us has a relationship to land and soil and nature through our food — every time we eat. What a gift! And what a responsibility!


Our well-being is connected intimately to that of all other life on the planet. What we do in nature, we do to ourselves. This basic truth was completely evident to me as I watched the hundreds of guests at the 30th anniversary celebration of our farm. They ate corn as holy manna; melons were cut, and the fruit had a connection to and ceremony of our most essential relationship with the earth.


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Published in: Spirituality & Health
By: Atina Diffley