Fall & Winter Wonderland: Trade Titles Coming From the University Presses

Library Journal picks its tops this season.

garcia-robles_stray coverIn January, I posted “Spring Fling 2013: Pairings and Threesomes from University Presses,” in which upcoming trade titles from the academic presses arranged themselves (as I sat helplessly at my desk) into various categories. Now, after the next round of seasonal meetings with many academic presses, I have a new assortment to present. These are trade titles geared to the interested serious non-specialist reader. The books have again congregated according to their own whim.

Here is the first of two sets of groupings, presented alphabetically by category.  The second set will appear next week. The information I provide is based on the publishers’ catalog entries.

P.S. Rumor has it that university presses are considering abandoning the whole business of seasons in their publishing calendars. Do you think that would be a good thing?

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Published in: Library Journal
By: Margaret Heilbrun