Fall menu: Time to eat with the seasons

Star Tribune reviews Beth Dooley's cookbook THE NORTHERN HEARTLAND KITCHEN, which focuses on affordable, seasonal eating.

Dooley_NorthernCook with the seasons. And eat local.

That's the message from Beth Dooley in her new cookbook, "The Northern Heartland Kitchen" (University of Minnesota Press, 260 pages, $29.95). The longtime cooking teacher wrote the book to address the misconceptions that students raise in her classes:

• Organics are too expensive.

• No time to go to farmers markets.

• No time to cook.

Not so, she says. Dooley proves that good food comes in seasonal packages, in a book organized by the rhythms of the year, with recipes that broaden the sense of what is traditionally meant by "Midwestern." Take her Asian chicken noodle soup, with seasonings introduced by Vietnamese, Chinese and Hmong immigrants to our area -- the ginger root, star anise and fish sauce now familiar to many local cooks.

Published in: Star Tribune
By: Lee Svitak Dean

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