Fall Books Preview: 27 Top Picks from Metropolis Magazine

The leaves are turning and publishers are preparing a whole slate of new releases, including Robert Rosenberger's CALLOUS OBJECTS.

Callous Objects (Robert Rosenberger)Anyone with a design eye can spot them—spikes on a building ledge, dividers on benches, locks on trashcans. All placed to prevent spaces and resources from being used by the homeless. In this small-but-powerful book, professor of philosophy Robert Rosenberger delves into the objects and laws that target the homeless. The book balances its philosophical bent—there’s mention of Latour, Merlau-Ponty, etc.—with a hard look at how cities and governments counter a homeless presence. “With this attempt to raise awareness of antihomeless law and design, combined with this exploration of the agency and even potential guilt of technology,” writes Rosenberger, “we can put a spotlight on the callousness and injustice built into our environment.”

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Published in: Metropolis Magazine
By: Zachary Edelson, Anna Fixsen, Samuel Medina, Bridget Newsham