Examining Ethics podcast: The Life Worth Living with Joel Reynolds

On today’s show, we’re exploring the fascinating and complex world of disability and ethics on the show today with philosopher Joel Reynolds.

A philosophical challenge to the ableist conflation of disability and pain

"[W]hen you think about disability in this expansive way, as an essential aspect of being human, one of the things that follows from that is an appreciation of the nested networks of dependency and interdependency that are the condition of the possibility of human life full stop, but certainly the condition of the possibility of a good life, of one that allows people of all sorts of bodyminds to flourish in the ways that best fit them. So this is all to say, I think that careful reflection upon, and engagement with, the experiences, the vast and varied experiences of disability, with the amazingly rich resources of disability studies, an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary set of debates and literatures that span the humanities and social sciences, and engagement with disability activism."

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