Environment and Planning D: An interview on Take Back the Economy

With Katherine Gibson, Jenny Cameron, and Stephen Healy.

gibson-graham_takeKatherine Gibson, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy talk to Society & Space co-editor Jane M. Jacobs about their forthcoming book: Take Back the Economy: An Ethical Guide For Transforming Our Communities, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013.

Take Back the Economy looks at how the economy is the outcome of the decisions and efforts everyone makes every day. Full of exercises and inspiring examples from around the world, it shows how people can implement small-scale changes in their own lives to create ethical economies. It was written by J.K. Gibson-Graham, Jenny Cameron and Stephen Healy, all geographers and founding members of the Community Economies Collective:

Jane: Thank you all for joining me and agreeing to this interview. Let me begin by saying how much I enjoyed reading the book. Congratulations!  I would like to begin by asking a bit about how you came to write a book such as this. It is a distinct genre of writing, something between an academic book and something more populist—almost a self-help book. Do let me ask how the book came about, what were you trying to achieve by writing the book?

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Published in: Environment and Planning D
By: Jane M. Jacobs