Electronic Empire Expo: The First World Problem of E3

Review of Games of Empire by Nick Dyer-Witheford and Greig de Peuter in PopMatters.

Thursday, 3:50pm. South Hall, Electronic Entertainment Expo.

“Like I said over Twitter,” a colleague tells me over the hack-and-slash din of the Square Enix fortress behind us, “Nothing says ‘first world’ like a job where you delete bad images from 4chan for a living.”

He’s got a point, and maybe I do complain about my job too much. There is indeed something distinctly “first world” about being a moderator for a casual MMO, or for that matter, a journalist for a gaming website, grappling with the noise and pulsating lights and body heat of a crowded expo floor. Even so, I’m gagging.

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Published in: PopMatters / Moving Pixels blog
By: Kris Ligman

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