Duluth News Tribune on Hawk Ridge

The paper interviews Laura Erickson about her latest book, which includes illustrations by Betsy Bowen of Grand Marais.

Erickson_Hawk coverWhen the University of Minnesota Press wanted to publish a book about Hawk Ridge in Duluth, it could have chosen from any number of Duluth birders — and authors. The publisher chose Laura Erickson, author of five other books on birding and host of a long-running radio show and podcast called “For the Birds.”

It was a natural choice.

The book is “Hawk Ridge — Minnesota’s Birds of Prey,” and it’s illustrated by Betsy Bowen of Grand Marais. The two previously collaborated on the book “Twelve Owls.”

This is the first book about Hawk Ridge, the place where an average of 80,000 hawks migrate overhead each year, riding thermals that rise along the Duluth hillside. Each fall, about 20,000 birders migrate to Hawk Ridge to observe sharp-shinned hawks, broad-winged hawks, redtails, eagles and many other species.

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Published in: Duluth News Tribune
By: Sam Cook